Due to my husbands relocation to London I needed to find a job as a recruitment consultant. The main challenges were getting an interview and making recruitment companies understand that I could be an asset to them, if they were willing to back me. Andrew was the very first rec2rec consultant that I met on my job search. He was very professional and helped me understand how to make use of my experience with further opportunities in the market. He was aware of the differences between the English and the Portuguese market, so he helped me think about my experience in terms of what I could do in the London market.

Also, Andrew was of great help in defining my strategy in terms of what type of roles I should look for and suggested starting to look for a more specialised recruitment role rather than a generalist one, which what I had in Portugal. It is important to mention that I wasnt looking for big names or companies, but more for an opportunity to step into the London market and to develop my career. Bearing that in mind, he introduced me to different companies, both in terms of size, names and specialisation. This was very useful for me, as it gave me opportunities to meet different people/companies, allowing me to realise what environment would suit me best. The best testimony I can give regarding both his success and effectiveness is having received two job offers from interviews he arranged, and that I start working at Saxton Leigh in June. Looking back, I can say that if he hadn’t believed in me and helped me out in my search, I would probably still be looking for a recruitment job in London.” May 2014