Looking to recruit recruiters?

Our CVs stand out from the rest

Our CVs stand out from the crowd and help our clients looking to recruit recruiters in the rec2rec industry. We work alongside our clients to ensure that we recruit the best candidates to fill their roles in the recruitment industry.

You want to expand your business? You have empty desks but don’t want to waste hours of your time interviewing totally unsuitable candidates? That’s when Bolton Resourcing can help. Whilst we cannot guarantee to fill everyone of your roles every time (if we could, we would be living on a beach in the Caribbean by now…!) we are confident we can make a difference.


  • • Can work with you on a Contingent or Retained basis – whatever we agree is the best option for your recruitment project.
  • • Thoroughly interview all the candidates we work with – whatever their level.
  • • Provide you with a balanced opinion of a candidate’s ability – if we have concerns we raise them.
  • • Understand the recruitment industry, we partner with you, using our wealth of experience to offer well founded advice and market information.
  • • Work closely with our candidates, guiding them through the resignation process, making sure the inevitable counter offers and buy backs are rejected.
  • • Aren’t interested in arranging interviews just to hit a KPI driven target. The people we put in front of you are relevant and interested in your company.
  • • Work with you rather than against you, our clients like us! For example, since 2010, 89% of companies we have successfully placed with, have hired on multiple occasions through us.